I have been quite keen on all the craft alcohol packaging that's been coming out recently especially from a design and lettering point of view. As it is more of a relationship with beautiful crafted artwork and bottles along with one of a kind drink experiences tailored to anything you can think of. I thought of the idea of craft drinks and then the word 'Witchcraft' stuck in my head. A Gin that comes from the dark side a more sinister twist on the shelf. I wanted the ancient feel of the etched illustration with a sexy witch and then I also did hand type for the label as I wanted it to be something completely new and not using any library fonts. I started out this project about a year ago and it's been evolving for quite some time. It was just a packaging experiment with a fake company and restaurant but it will hopefully realize into something more now that it's finally finished.

Label art and hand lettering detail.
Etch detail.
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